Housing Security

Housing is an important social determinant of health and well-being. Families that face a high housing burden with their household income have less resources to dedicate towards healthy behaviors, such as preventive care and healthy food. Additionally, the stress of a high rent or mortgage payment compared to household income can negatively impact health and mental health. The zip codes with the highest percent of the population spending more than 30 percent of their income on housing are 73084, 73129, 73105, 73111 and 73102.

Percent Increase in Total Population Comparison, 2011-2015


Oklahoma City-County


Oklahoma State


United States

Transportation Security

Emphasis has been placed on the health impacts lack of transportation inflicts on a community. This indicator presents overall transportation security as a combination of the population’s access to a motor vehicle and/or public transit. The greater the transportation security percentage, the greater the access to primary and secondary transportation options in that zip code.

Populations that do not have access to a motor vehicle in a location with no available public transit have the lowest transportation security. On average, 6.5 percent of the population in OKC-Co does not have access to a vehicle. Additionally, an average of 25.7 percent of the population lives within a quarter mile of a transit stop in OKC-Co.


Data Source: U.S. Census ACS American Community Survey; 2011-2015 5-Year Estimates and City of Oklahoma City Planning Office


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