Healthcare Access

Oklahoma City-County Health Department Hospital utilization

Hospital utilization rates provide insight into which pockets of the community have increased needs for health services. These trends can help identify areas that may require in-depth investigation  regarding cost, quality, access or provider output. (Centers for Disease Control

and Prevention).

The hospital utilization indicator can be used to estimate the use of acute care hospitals in Oklahoma City-County during 2013-2015. This indicator presents the number of hospital discharges per 1,000 population. A discharge is defined as the completion of any continuous period of stay of one night or more in a hospital as an inpatient (National Health Interview Survey definition).

Average Annual Medicaid Enrollment by Race Oklahoma County, 2014-2016 SFY




Black/African American


American Indian


Rest Combined

Essence Emergency Department Surveillance Encounters

Electronic Surveillance System for Early Notification of Community-based Epidemics (ESSENCE)
is a system in which several Oklahoma City-County area hospitals send daily electronic transfers
of chief emergency room complaints to the Oklahoma City-County Health Department.

This indicator presents the number of emergency room visits to acute care hospitals by Oklahoma
City-County residents per 1,000 population from 2013-2015.


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