Maternal and Child Health

Crude Birth Rate

The crude birth rate is a common calculation to estimate fertility. It is presented as the number of live births to Oklahoma County residents per 1,000 persons averaged over 2013-2015. The average crude birth rate for Oklahoma County was 16.2 live births per 1,000 persons – a 1.2 percent decline from 2010-2012.

Crude Birth Rate Comparison, 2015

Oklahoma City-County

Oklahoma State

United States

Teen Birth Rate

Teen birth rate represents the number of live births to females ages 15-19 per 1,000 female population. The average teen birth rate in Oklahoma County declined 22 percent from 56.4 in 2010-2012 to 44.2 in 2013-2015. However, teen birth rate in Oklahoma County was 70 percent higher than the national average, and 9 percent higher than the state rate in 2015.

Maternal Smoking During Pregnancy

Maternal smoking is defined as pregnant women who smoke cigarettes during pregnancy. It is expressed as the percent of births to Oklahoma County women during 2013-2015. Eight percent of births in Oklahoma County during 2013-2015 were to mothers who smoked while pregnant, a reduction of 31 percent from 2010-2012. In 2015, the Oklahoma County maternal smoking rate was 39 percent lower than the state rate and 4 percent lower than the national average.

Infant Mortality

Infant mortality means the death of an infant before their first birthday. Infant mortality rate (IMR) is presented as the number of infant deaths per 1,000 live births, averaged over 2013-2015. Oklahoma County infant mortality rate during 2013-2015 was 7.0, representing an 8 percent decline from 7.6 in 2010-2012. By comparison, in 2015, the county rate dipped below the state rate but still ranked higher than the national average.

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