Data Overview

The Oklahoma City-County Health Department (OCCHD) consulted with representatives from several agencies in Oklahoma County to obtain data variables. MyHealth Access Network was contracted to support with data management. Data analysis was divided into 10 different categories as
outlined in this report. The variables include both determinants and outcomes to assess the health and wellness of populations in multiple aspects of life.

Zip Code Level

Many of the health indicators in this assessment are defined at the zip code level and are presented for the 63 zip codes located in Oklahoma County. However, maps and tables in the profile display only 56 zip codes since data for two sparsely populated zip codes have been combined with adjacent zip codes and five zip codes had less than 25 percent of their population within Oklahoma City-County jurisdiction (see the next section for more information on this topic). This more visual approach to data presentation is intended to promote easier identification of health concerns for specific areas of the county, and therefore, assist in targeting programs, resources, and necessary interventions where they are most needed.

Zip Code Visualization

The maps represent the zip codes of the Oklahoma City-County Health Department’s jurisdiction, which includes all of Oklahoma City and all of Oklahoma County. The zip code boundaries were retrieved from the 2015 U.S. Census Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing (TIGER) Files, Oklahoma’s State level geodatabase. To accurately represent the Wellness Score data, some zip codes were graphically combined into one. Minor stretching or skewing of the original maps may have occurred. Some zip code boundaries were smoothed or clipped to aid in printing and to make the maps more visually appealing. As such, these maps are meant for a general visual representation of data only and are not meant for cartographical purposes. These maps are meant to be viewed and displayed as printed. 

Border/Combined Zip Codes

Oklahoma County has nine zip codes that are shared with adjacent counties but are primarily in Oklahoma County. These zip codes are 73007, 73025, 73034, 73045, 73054, 73099, 73165, 73170 and 74857. Data for two zip codes that lie entirely within Oklahoma County is combined with adjacent zip codes in this profile due to the small populations residing in each. These zip codes are 73066 and 73097, and when viewed on the maps throughout the profile, will be combined with and represented as 73020 and 73169, respectively.

In addition, Oklahoma County includes small proportions, less than 25 percent of the population, of five zip codes that are shared but lie primarily in adjacent counties. The data for these partial zip codes (73026, 73064, 73071, 73078 and 73160) have been excluded due to their small resident populations and the instability of rates computed based on small numbers of events.

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