Overall Wellness Score

Overall Life Expectancy

We see nearly an 18 ear difference in life expectancy throughout OKC-County. Life expectancy is the expected average number of years of life remaining at a given age. This calculation was performed using three-year totals, 2013-2015, for life expectancy at birth by zip code. The overall life expectancy for OKC-Co is 74.9 years. The average life expectancy in OKC-Co is 4.4 years shorter than the U.S population life expectancy.

Life Expectancy in years, 2013-2015

Oklahoma City-County

Lowest 3 OKC Zip Code Average

Highest 3 OKC Zip Code Average

United States Average

Health Index Profile

The health index was created in collaboration with the Tulsa Health Department, the Oklahoma City-County Health Department and the City of Oklahoma City Planning Office. The purpose of this index is to allow for comparisons within and between both city-county jurisdictions.

The information provides insight into the increased risk of health burdens at the zip code level that can be associated with the following factors: education, income, maternal and child health, mental health, mortality, healthcare access, crime, infectious disease and built environment. The map and table presented describe the best ranking zip codes to the lowest ranking zip codes on a scale of 1 (highest ranking) to 56 (lowest ranking).

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