The Oklahoma City-County Health Department (OCCHD) utilizes the Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnership (MAPP) tool to conduct community-wide health needs assessments. The MAPP process engages a broad and diverse coalition of stakeholders to collect qualitative and quantitative data across four distinct assessments that include the Wellness Score (Community Health Profile), Strengths & Themes, Forces of Change, and the Local Public Health System Assessment. Each assessment utilizes a distinct methodology, representing a robust cross-section of quantitative and qualitative data.

Wellness Score

The purpose of the Wellness Score is to provide an overall summary of community health status. This information represents the foundation of planning and program development for improving health outcomes for our community. 

OCCHD consulted with representatives from several agencies in Oklahoma County to obtain a list of variables that include both determinants and outcomes of health and wellness for our community residents. For inclusion in the Wellness Score, data had to be collected at a zip code level and available for the 2013-2015 time frame.

Strengths & Themes

This assessment seeks community feedback to identify strengths and themes that influence our local population’s health and well-being. It is commonly administered through surveys and was translated for respondents who speak only Spanish. Surveys were administered both electronically and in the paper version. They were conducted to measure the perception of well-being among residents and to provide new information about strengths and themes in our community.

Forces of Change

The purpose of this assessment is to determine, through community feedback and participation, what barriers and supports exist for improving community health. The feedback for the assessment is typically collected through town hall meetings, focus groups, and stakeholder interviews.

Four town halls were held November 2016 in each quadrant of OCCHD’s  jurisdiction.

Local Public Health System Assessment (LPHSA)

The purpose of LPHSA is to bring together traditional and non-traditional providers of services that impact our health outcomes to assess our community’s capacity to meet the health needs of our residents. The assessment is completed utilizing the National Public Health Performance Standards Program (NPHPSP) and is typically completed in one day.

OCCHD facilitated the NPHPSP in November 2016 with more than 50 individuals representing over 30 individual agencies and communities. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) calculates the assessment results and generates a profile report enabling the local public health system to identify gaps in capacity and strengths of the system.

To access the full Wellness Score click the link below.