Median Household Income

Median household income provides an indicator to assist with identifying socioeconomic barriers within the community. The estimated median household income in Oklahoma County is higher than both the median household income figures for Oklahoma and the United States at $56,456. When analyzed at the zip code level, the median household income for Oklahoma County ranges from $20,150 to $136,694.

Percent of Population that received SNAP Benefits in 2015.


Oklahoma County


Oklahoma State


United States


Seventeen percent of Oklahoma County is living below the national poverty level, which is higher than both the state and national measures. Poverty at the zip code level in Oklahoma City and Oklahoma County reach as high as 44 percent throughout the zip codes.

Why is it important? 

A comprehensive approach to improving health outcomes includes targeting those in high-poverty areas. Descriptive data often shows areas of higher poverty rates may also have lower educational attainment levels and increased barriers towards accessing private medical and social services. Public health partners can use this data to aid in program planning, service delivery and policy development in areas of increased poverty.


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